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As a boy I first discovered early video cameras through my mother’s work.  Fascinated by the technology of the time I soon grew to appreciate its power to compel when I began joining my father in viewing the evening news.  Witnessing stories of life and strife from places I had never heard of that were photographed with equipment I was fascinated by struck me profoundly.  In retrospect it was at this time that the delicate balance of visual aesthetic and technical savvy that defines a cinematographer’s role was tapped within me.  The potential was limitless.  I was learning that the world was huge, dynamic, and full of stories.  I knew then that I wanted to be the one to tell those stories – through the lens.


I began shooting local news and then moved on to PBS and then national news and sports programs.  Now, more years than I like to admit into achieving that initial goal of traveling to stories, living within them and finally sharing them on the screen I must say that I have been quite lucky.  I have visited dozens of countries and met people from all walks life.  I have worked in deserts and blizzards; helicopters and submarines.  I’ve adopted foreign words and phrases as a part of me and now share them with my own son.   I carry a long and wide range of diverse of experiences that serve me well on all types of projects and shows.  This diversity is eschewed to one’s peril; rather it is a strength that I bring to projects that all may benefit from it.  Like my son though, I am still learning.  Always evolving.  My desire is to fully comprehend the breadth of stories so I may use the proper tools to best tell that story.  This is what it means to be fluent in the art and science of filmmaking.  I have an insatiable appetite to learn and learning from behind the lens is the best way for me.  This ethos allows me to tell stories in a unique way that insures success both on set and on screen.


When I first touched a TV camera Ikegami tube cameras were the best tools for doing what I know and love.  I have experimented with all forms of technology since that time – and even some from before.   They are all made to capture moments.  It is my job to do capture those moments in a beautiful and compelling manner.  To that end I continue to seek out, work with, and refine the best tools that technology offers, so that you don’t have to.  I make images by employing “cinematic efficiency” - creating those fantastic frames, while never forgetting that the clock waits for no one.  I bring this to any production and can bring it to yours.


"Mark Doyle is one of the most Talented and Professional DPs I've ever worked with, which speaks volumes since I've been in the Industry the past 18 years!"

                                                 - Monica Dadras

Production Manager

"The Rachael Ray Show"

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