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Cameras and Accessories

Sony PMW-F5 4k capable Super 35mm digital Cinema Camera


The F5 sets a new standard in cinematic image acquisition.  Offering the ability to mate with almost any lens available today, a variety of recording codecs to fit any production, and infinite scalability in both form and function.  It is truly a do-all camera that does everything well.  When used with my new Canon 17-120mmT2.95-3.9PL lens I am able to shoot in documentary style yet achieve the look of narrative films.  Wireless audio receivers, timecode box, and wireless HD video monitoring are all built into this kit.  This level of functionality and flexibility has been an elusive dream of many filmmakers almost since the medium was invented.  This package is a game changer for cinematic documentary acquisition.  It is suited to any and all productions that want to set a new level of awe in imagery.  It will grab viewers by the eyeballs and inhibit their ability to look away.

Panasonic HDX-900 2/3" DVCPRO HD 1080i/720p multiformat Broadcast Camera


I have shot everything from 60 Minutes to Hoarders with this vernerable favorite.  It is still an extremely versatile camera offering unparalleled focal length and, in the case of mine, simultaneous tape and tapeless recording via the ergonomically mounted NanoFlash CF card recorder.  This has been used on higher risk missions such as a location shoot in Pakistan to ensure that redundancy is seamlessly integrated into process.  Two is one and one is none.


Fastidious maintenance and custom scene files designed to offer maximum exposure latitude make this anything but your average ENG rental camera.

Canon EOS 5D Full Frame 35mm Still camera with video capability


This venerable workhorse that once shot an episode of "House" has captured countless food beauty shots and with it's cousin the EOS 7d, also in the inventory, has pulled many overnight shifts grabbing those must-have time lapses.  This camera is also an option for budget conscious and sizzle reel work.


Mine is loaded with custom painted image profiles not publicly available.  Along with the camera's innate shallow depth of field, these settings are designed to reproduce the most filmic image possible.

GoPro Hero 3, 3+ POV & Specialty camera


I've used these on racecars, helmets, bumpers, boats, windshields, and even other cameras.  They are great tools that enable shots that where previously not possible.  I have acquired many unique mounts and configurations not found in rental houses that enable faster rigging in odd locations

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